Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I ♥ Freebies :) (pt 2)

I posted a few freebie links in an earlier post and promised I would post more later... So, I am keeping my word and posting more! You can just consider this my little Thanksgiving gift to you... LOL. :)

Of Course I just can't post the links I have to ramble on about them too... You know that is how I roll :) Plus, I have been on a freebie searching kick for the last few days, so they are over 15 freebies listed in this post, so please bare with all of my rambling because I hope you see something you like!

Have you ever wanted to try origami? I have! When I was a kid I thought it was the neatest thing, but of course I was just a kid and thought it was something only adults could do b/c it was just so skillful. And then I came across this freebie for 50 free sheets of origami paper, so I decided, "hey, I am going to try it and the best part is if I can't do it or end up not liking it then I won't be out of pocket any money!". I am excited about getting this Free sample.

I saw these on TV a few weeks ago and really wanted to try them, but haven't got around to buying any yet, so when I saw a free sample for them I had to order it! If you have issues with your clothes 'bleeding' during the wash then give these Shout Color Catchers a try.

Is your child into Veggie Tales? If so you may want to check out this free veggie tales Christmas download. My girls never got into The Veggie Tale cartoons so I didn't download this CD, but hey its free so I thought I would post it in case they are in Veggie Tale kids out there :)

I have nearly died countless times because I just cannot run over a cute furry animal in the road... This fact annoys my husband to no end because he actuallys fears me wrecking because of this! With that said, when I saw this awesome Give Wildlife a Brake free bumper sticker I had to get it!

With the holidays coming up I am sure I will go through my shipping labels pretty quickly, so when I saw these Free shipping labels I had to get them! I love things like this for 'back-ups'. I normally put them away and 'forget' I have them, then when I run out I go through my 'back-up drawer' to see if I have any extras and with freebies like this I can have those extras (for FREE!).

My husband is a golfer (a just for fun, sucks at it but likes to play golfer!) so when I saw the next freebie for some Free Golf Club Wrap I decided to get it for him... I am actually going to wrap this one up and give it to him as an extra Christmas gift (if I was lucky enough to be one of the first 10,000 people to sign up for it, and it gets to me in time). :)

Need condoms? Then check out Beyond Seven Condoms for a free sample! These could go into one of those 'back-up drawers'!

Need a little kick to your smell? :) Then try one of these free samples so you can try these fragrances before you buy them! You can choose from Boss Orange Sunset, or the Boss Hugo sampe.

Free Celebrity picture & autograph! Even if you don't see a Celebrity you like, maybe you will see one a friend or family member likes and could order this freebie as a Little surprise gift for them!

If you have been following my boring blog then you will know I love to cook and bake so I am always excited when I find free recipe books like these: California Olive Recipe Book, Sun-Maid New Taste of Tradition Recipe Booklet , Fruit & Sunshine Recipe Booklet or a "JIFFY" recipe book.

Not really sure what Stack is, or what Grape Stack would taste like, but it is from from Universal Nutrition and it is a free sample!

Send a FREE box of kleeenex tissues to someone you love... Or yourself :). After all it is the season for sickies and who couldn't use an extra box of kleenexes?

Want a fresh smelling car? The send off for the Air Wick Citrus Zest Paper Air Freshener for your car.

Are you gassy? Then I have a free sample for you! Try gas-x to see if it is right for you before you buy it! Or throw the sample in your car dash pocket, or your first aid kit.

Stay tuned, because they will be more freebie links to come! Until then... Peace, love and tator tots :)
~Lissa Lou

Monday, December 6, 2010

Back to my Random Bandom Monday!

I told you I would probably get to busy to reach my 100th post last week... and sure enough I did. But we have a snow day today (no school for Clover) which makes my day a little less hectic so I am trying to do a little blogging...

What should I ramble about today? Actually I am going to start off by rambling about one of this years hottest toys... First of all I am a sap for the "must have toys" at Christmas time... I normally end up getting them for my girls (yes, we had Zhu Zhu pets last year for Christmas and my girls loved those things, so I am glad I went through all of the trouble of getting them). This year we got them a few toys off the "hard to get/must have" list as well... But there is one toy on this list that I just don't get and I am thankful my girls have no interest in it... What is this toy I am talking about???

It's the Fisher-price Sing-a-ma-jig:

Do not get me wrong, if your child is into this toy... Awesome, I am glad your child likes them and this non-costly toy makes your child happy! Please don't hate me for knock them... But to me, I don't get it at all... They cost $10-$12 and they look like a freaky little sex toy! Yes, I said it. Sorry, but I think its true! Not that I have a drawer full of sex toys or anything, but I have been to a few pure romance parties, and this reminds me of a toy I saw for a guy at one of them (no it wasn't fuzzy or kiddish looking... but the mouth of the sing-a-ma-jig looks a lot like the toy!). So, why is this a must have/hot toy?

We got our first snow of the season over the weekend... Sadly it came Saturday morning and we had to cancel our Christmas parade float.

Oh and on a fun note we made applesauce ornaments this weekend and oh they made my house smell so nicely... I want to make them everyday now :)

Here are a few pictures of random things from this weekend...

A picture of our first snow... (it was still snowing and had just been snowing for less than 2 hours when I took this pic):

Here is the dough to make the applesauce ornaments (doesn't look the best, but oh my does it smell wonderfully!):

Here are my girls making the ornaments:

And here are the finished ornaments:

And after a nice long day of baking, ornament making, Christmas tree picking outing, and snow we ended it with chocolate chip pound-cake and hot cocoa:

I guess that is it for now because I have to get off here and start on dinner... So, until my next post, I am wishing you warmth, love and happiness :)

~Lissa Lou