Monday, December 6, 2010

Back to my Random Bandom Monday!

I told you I would probably get to busy to reach my 100th post last week... and sure enough I did. But we have a snow day today (no school for Clover) which makes my day a little less hectic so I am trying to do a little blogging...

What should I ramble about today? Actually I am going to start off by rambling about one of this years hottest toys... First of all I am a sap for the "must have toys" at Christmas time... I normally end up getting them for my girls (yes, we had Zhu Zhu pets last year for Christmas and my girls loved those things, so I am glad I went through all of the trouble of getting them). This year we got them a few toys off the "hard to get/must have" list as well... But there is one toy on this list that I just don't get and I am thankful my girls have no interest in it... What is this toy I am talking about???

It's the Fisher-price Sing-a-ma-jig:

Do not get me wrong, if your child is into this toy... Awesome, I am glad your child likes them and this non-costly toy makes your child happy! Please don't hate me for knock them... But to me, I don't get it at all... They cost $10-$12 and they look like a freaky little sex toy! Yes, I said it. Sorry, but I think its true! Not that I have a drawer full of sex toys or anything, but I have been to a few pure romance parties, and this reminds me of a toy I saw for a guy at one of them (no it wasn't fuzzy or kiddish looking... but the mouth of the sing-a-ma-jig looks a lot like the toy!). So, why is this a must have/hot toy?

We got our first snow of the season over the weekend... Sadly it came Saturday morning and we had to cancel our Christmas parade float.

Oh and on a fun note we made applesauce ornaments this weekend and oh they made my house smell so nicely... I want to make them everyday now :)

Here are a few pictures of random things from this weekend...

A picture of our first snow... (it was still snowing and had just been snowing for less than 2 hours when I took this pic):

Here is the dough to make the applesauce ornaments (doesn't look the best, but oh my does it smell wonderfully!):

Here are my girls making the ornaments:

And here are the finished ornaments:

And after a nice long day of baking, ornament making, Christmas tree picking outing, and snow we ended it with chocolate chip pound-cake and hot cocoa:

I guess that is it for now because I have to get off here and start on dinner... So, until my next post, I am wishing you warmth, love and happiness :)

~Lissa Lou

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