Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo # 22 - October 22nd 2010

I am back!

So, my blogging post have been lacking lately... But only because we just went on vacation and the wireless contection was awful... But I am back and have a ton of pictures to post. Which I will try to do tonight!

On my diet side of life... I am not doing as well as I should be. I have only lost 2 more lbs since my last update... But I will take any loss! I did kick my diet in gear today, so I hope that will help. And next week I am going to start hitting the gym again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"My naked booty said cuse me"

I found this way to funny to not post about... Today we went out to eat lunch at Chili's because I had errands to run out of town for my Girl Scout Troop. Willow had a cheese pizza kids meal and it left her hands 'dirty' so she went to wipe them on her shirt. I quickly said "our shirts are not napkins, please do not do that" and my husband handed her a napkin... The napkins they had given us were narrow, long white napkins, that looked more like toliet paper than a napkin... And Willow must have agreed, because as soon as Gray (my husband) handed her the napkin she looked at it, and looked at him like he was crazy and said "I wipe the back?" and procedes to wipe her butt (clothed, of course!). I then had to explain to her that they were a difference in napkins and TP... Even if they look the same.

Then this afternoon, the girls were sitting at the bar having their dinner, and I was in their rooms gather their dance clothes and over heard Rosey 'pass gas' and then I heard Clover quickly say "what was that noise Willow?" to which Willow replied "My naked booty said cuse me!".

I love hearing the things kids come up with and say!

The Sky is Blue!

The sky is such a beautiful shade of blue today... I took a picture with my cell, so it is not the best, but I just had too make it my Photo for the day because I am honestly amazed by just how blue the sky is... Maybe it is all of the white puffy clouds that makes the blue stand out today, or maybe it is because thee is no rain in sight, either way... I am loving the blue!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Caramel Apples & Monkeys

In honor of our wonderful chilly but nice fall I decided to make one of my favorites... Caramel Apples! I love them. I ruined my saucer pots though making one batch of caramel :( and I put cashews on mine instead of peanuts, because I love cashews! Here is a picture before adding teh cashews... I can't wait to have one after lunch!!!

Day # 3 photo

Oh and while I was at Walmart this morning I saw this little ice pack and fell in love with it... I love cute little monkey items... And what a fun way to make lunch just a little funnier for kids... Plus, it was only $1.48 so I grabbed it up! I am going to put it in Clover's lunch box on Tuesday so she will have a cute little monkey smiling at her when she opened her lunch (she has to pack 90% of the time since she cannot eat most of the school lunches due to her texture issues & her issues with choking so easily).

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Straw, Mummy Pumpkin Pots & Sisters

We decided to decorate the end of my driveway (which is a huge steep hill) with something fallish... So, my girls and I went to Lowes Hardware and bought clay flower pots that we were going to paint like pumpkins... Project fail. I primed the pots before we painted them 'pumpkin orange' but the paint just did not want to stick to the pots at all... I a guessing because I couldn't find a flat orange color, so I had to go with glossy, because the flat black paint we got worked great! Anyways to make the long story short, we just decided to let them be instead of trying to repaint them, and now we are calling them our little 'mummy pumpkins' because the white primer I used is showing where the orange paint peeled off. We put mums in the flower pots and placed them on straw bales. We are going to put pumpkins around the straw too. Here is a photo I took today while working on it...

Day # 2 Photo

Friday, October 1, 2010

Giggles, Barbies and cookies!

So, its the first day of October! YAY. I love October. It brings about so many fun things. Today my little Clover had her first, of which I am sure will be many, sleepover. So, my very first photo on my new Photo 365 project is a photo I took of her and her little friend from the sleepover. She was supposed to have a sleepover a few weeks ago but the day of the sleepover she decided to help her little sister paint her bedroom carpet (which is a light tan color) with unwashable paint, so it was canceled a the last mintue. The sleepover went great, and the girls had a lot of fun.

Day # 1 Photo!