Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rockin' Autism!

If you have been following my blog... Know me... Or just read all of my blog...
You will know that my oldest daughter has Autism with seizures.
And every day I am amazed by just how far my little Clover has came.
She was diagnosed early on because unlike some children with Autism
she did show signs from the day she was born...
She actually showed signs before she was even born!

When she was diagnosed she was considered severally Autistic because
she couldn't do anything that a typical child her age could.
She only wanted to sit in front of a TV that played static or bright cartoons.
She wasn't able to run yet, or walk well... Not alone say 1 word.
At the age of two she could barely eat anything at all (even babyfood)
without choking... At 13 months she was only 15 lbs and
she is still small for her age, and I think it has to do with
her having issues with textures (she doesn't eat a lot)!

But the point of this point is she is Rockin' Autism...
She has came so far and surprised so many people!
When diagnosed I was told not to expect her to talk
until she was 5-7... She just turned 5 in mid-August,
and she can do way more than talk!
She is writing, reading, spelling...
And has her 1st little boyfriend, who she liked to hug her!

She is in a typical classroom this year, and is doing just
as well as the other students and even more advanaced in some areas!
And because of this I do like to say she is rockin' Autism...
Because I hate saying she is beating it... Because she will always have it,
and could have seizures the rest of her life from it.

Oh and on a side notes...
-She has her first boyfriend already?!?!
WHOA I am so not ready for this! And she told me yesterday
"He liked to hug me a lot! All day long. I like him to hug me
a lot! Unless I am doing something really dangerous, like using the stapler"
-She is wanting to sign up for the school basketball team (we are going to let her)
-And she is loving her Acro class this year!!!

Peace, Love & Happiness,
~Lissa Lou

Photo 365

I have decided to start a photo a new project tomorrow... It's called Photo 365, a photo daily for one whole year. You can tell by the title what the project is going to be, but just in case, it means I am going to take a photo every day for the next 365 days! I will be posting my photos here, somewhere in my post! Which also means that I will HAVE to make a blog post daily from now on :) Now lets see what photos I can come up with... and let's see if I can actually stick to trying to make a daily post... I a going to try really hard! But even if I do not get to post daily, I am still going to take a photo each day, and then I will do a 'catch-up' post.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am determined to make it down to my craft room sometime today! I really need to move a table down there, plus I want to go through a few things to see if I can find something I lost... Which normally means I probably won't find what I am actually looking for, but I will find other forgotten items! :)

I have officially started on Christmas shopping and Christmas gift making! Which I am excited about. I got to late of a start last year and didn't get all of my shopping done... Although in my defence we have a lot more family members to shop for now!

I am still working on making my house more fallish... Which I am loving! I just adore the fall. All of the pretty colors, sounds, smells, festivals, fairs, etc. Its so much fun!

Friday I am starting a new project, which I am also excited about... It is something else I am determined to do. I have really be slacking on all of the things I love to do because of all of the things I HAVE to do. Who knew being a stay at home mom of 2 young daughters, who also works over 40 hours a week, and goes to college full time wouldn't have any free time?!? LOL. Back to the new project... It should be something that will inspire me a little more, and really just help me get back to something I love to do! So stay tuned to see what I am doing!

Until next time... Peace, love and happiness wishes from,
~Lissa Lou

Oh and here are a little blog hop for ya :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blog Slacker!

So, once again I have became to busy to fit in everything I want to do... and what got put on the back burner? Sadly my blogging. I am actually supposed to be working on school work now but just had to come and make a quick post.

I have did a lot of small little crafts over the past two weeks to get ready for fall (fall decor), which I will post about later on this week... Hopefully tomorrow!

I am just so excited about the holiday season this year... I love all of them! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and News Year!

Oh and I am starting something new this week, which is super exciting for me.... So stay tuned to see all of my new projects :)

Peace, love & happiness!
~Lissa Lou

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Darn Lemons!

WOW, I am a little bit in shock
by what I just found out...
Yes, I am lame and nerdy like that!
However, I just found out that
there is so much acid in fresh lemon juice
that if you mix it with egg yokes
that the acid could actually cook the eggs!

How insane is that?
I guess I am so surprised by this because
for years and years and years
of my life I ate lemons like candy.
At least 1 a day, if not 2 or 3.
I still love a fresh lemon but with my ulcers,
and acid reflux I cannot eat them like I once could...
So, Darn lemons! I am not ruling you the cause of my stomach woes.

~Lissa Lou

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is it supposed to taste like that?

So I am on a new healthy me kick.... yea, yea, yea, how many times have I said this before? But I mean it this time... I really do! But back to the point here, I decide I was going to make a fat free healthy fruit and yogurt parfait for lunch.
I love fruit and I love yogurt, so mixing them together is just amazingly awesome to me! :) Again must get back to the point. So, I used an all organic Greek plain yogurt and it was bitter... I asked myself "Is it supposed to taste like this?" I have ate the organic vanilla Greek yogurt countless times in the past and it was great, but I ended up tossing it in the trash because it was just funky bitter... And yes, it was in date... I checked 3 times! LOL

So, I had a cup of cherry pie yogurt and 8 wheat thins instead... Oh a bright note I now have a pink lid to send off for breast cancer funding! :)

6 years ago tomorrow, I said I would prove them wrong!

So, tomorrow marks the sixth year of me losing my second little boy, Cullen. I purposely made my day extra busy torrow... Maybe so I don't think so much... and cry too much (because I am already tearing up thinking about it). So, I knew if I didn't make this post today, it wouldn't get made.

I lost both my little boys during my pregnancies and after losing Cullen, which was one of the hardest things I have ever went through, I was told they were 99% sure I would not be able to have children on my own. I said the night I lost Cullen I would prove the doctors wrong... I wanted a baby, a family, a miracle more than anything and I would push my body... And I did just that! Now I have two amazingly awesome little girls and I am so thankful that I didn't just take the doctors advice not to try again... Even if my body is now paying the price!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Monday!

First of all HAPPY LABOR DAY everyone! Second of all I am sorry I haven't been totally slacking on blogging lately. Life has hit me full force and once again I have had a little bit of a problem with being able to sit down long enough to gather my thoughts! Now on to my randomness... My husband is always asking me why do I HAVE to go to a store to buy clothes. I tell him "to make sure they fit correctly" he normally replies with something like this "and you don't know what size you wear?" then I will tell him "No, it depends on the item! The same size doesn't mean it will fit the same for that item". And now I am finding that I can't even order my daughter's clothes online anymore because of this. Below is a picture of two pairs of jeans... One on top of the other so you can see just how much bigger one pair is compared to the other. They are the exact same size and from the same compnay. So, why is it that one pair is so much bigger than the other?

Tomorrow will bring on more task for me. My girls go back into ballet, girl scout meetings start up and I am having a root canal in the morning... Oh the joy! Sadly taht basically sums on my Tuesday... Out of town for the root canal (the office is 2 hours away), hurry back to pick Clover up for school, then dinner, then off to ballet, then I will drop the girls off with my husband and rush to an important girl scout leader event... Then I should be get home around 9. Fun stuff I tell you :)

Oh the bright side today we made a choice to pull Clover from Jazz this year. With her being in school so much we were so worried about her having to much on her plate and if she stayed in jazz she would have been at the dance studio for 3 hours every Tuesday (in school from 7:45am til 3:15am then change clothes and go straight to dance and be there from 4 til 7pm). After talking to her and giving her choices we decided doing just one ballet class was the best.

Well I have a mtn of homework and blogging is not going to help me get it done (SADLY), so until next time I am wishing you peace, love and happiness! :)

~Lissa Lou