Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bigfoot... Bigfoot... Bigfoot! Real or Legend?

Okay, let me start off by saying... I AM A SAP! For real, I am the biggest sucker ever... I can be convinced into believing just about anything. Not really for sure if this would be a good or bad thing. I believe in ghost, the loch ness monster, aliens, etc... But to be honest I never really thought all that much about Bigfoot!

Could he be out there in the woods somewhere? Sure! Why not? I mean people hide out all of the time... unseen, unheard, unwanted, etc. Why couldn't there be a group of tall, hairy big footed creatures out there hiding from our BS (war, greed, etc)?

My new found intrest is coming from the fact that some guy in my town has decided to go on a Bigfoot hunt this weekend... Don't believe me? Just click here, here or here (yep, those are 3 different stories on it! For the last link you will need to scroll down the page some).

I mean this the nicest way possible, but dang the hunt is so not a good idea! Guns, large groups of people who beleive in bigfoot, possible drinking, wooded areas, and over excited to find bigfoot people is not a good mix!

I better stop rambling about this because I am sure I could go on and on and on... but I will leave you with a totally awesome bigfoot song! :)

Well, thats all for now folks,
~Lissa Lou

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Join for FREE

This is super cool, because you can actually join for FREE... I hate it when you have to pay to join a company and then never make any money but the company makes money off you... So, this was perfect for me.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life... Unexpected and fast!

I love to write... I love to blog... I love a lot of things I don't get to do as I wish I could. Life is always fast, busy and even a little crazy... okay, okay sometimes A LOT CRAZY!

Lets see, since my last post we have battled strep throat not once but twice, the flu, a stomach virus, a cold and I had walking pneumonia too! Let me just say that if me or my girls get sick anymore this winter I am bubble wrapping my house! And no, I am not joking about the bubble wrap! :)

I was in a wedding on Feb. 12th. It was a beautiful wedding. Both of my girls were in it as well, and they were totally cheesey but everyone said they made the wedding fun and they wouldn't forget the girls... Although, Willow gave the bride away (she didn't really, but when the preacher asked "Who gives this woman into marriage?" Willow quickly and loudly answered "ME!"), they sang "Jesus Loves Me" when the preacher said "Jesus brought this couple together" and made "snow angels" in the rose petals. This wasn't all that they did, but the funniest stuff :) Here is a picture of me from the wedding... I really should have smiled.

I am still on my diet... And still losing! Although the last two weeks have sucked, sadly! It is my fault and I should have worked harder, but I slacked for the wedding and the scale paid the price... No, I did not gain, but I haven't lost as much as I would have liked. I am stepping back up my game tomorrow though! And I think I might even have breakfast tomorrow morning... Weight Control Oatmeal. :)

What else is new? hmmmmmm... I am thinking really hard! Oh Clover is reading very well now... I had a meeting this week with her teachers, the principal, etc and she is "Well Above Average". How awesome is that? My little Autistic child is not only beating Autism, but totally rocking in school!!! Yes, I am bragging here... but I am so very proud of her! On the down side, she is being sent back to the pediatric neurologist to have more testing done... She may be having "focal seizures" as well.

Now thinking to see if there is anything else... I am in the process of giving my bedroom a makeover! I will post before and after pictures soon! Right now my bedroom is plain jane, boring and kinda empty! Which isn't me at all... I like color! I also like little things that tell who you are when someone walks into a room... So, yea, not that many people walk into my room, but since I want my bedroom to scream me and right now it just doesn't... I think I am going to paint it not this coming weekend but the next.

Lastly, I am gauging my ears again! I just started so I am only on 6g (stated at 20g or 22g... not sure which since my ears have been pierced since I was 2 weeks old). Not sure how long I will stay at a 6g... but I am thinking a while... I just don't know if I want to go bigger. Oh I bought tickets this week to the Carolina Rebellion Concert... Which I have to admit I am totally excited about!!!! This might just be the coolest concert of my life!!!!

Uhm, I do believe that is about all folks... But I do promise I am going to try really hard to start blogging a few times a week again! I need too... because I really want too!

Until next time... Peace, Love and rock-n-roll :)
~Lissa Lou