Monday, November 29, 2010

The Random Ramblings of Another Monday

Let me start off by saying.. I am only 3 post away from 100 post! I am excited to reach that 100th post... And after todays post I will only be 2 post away. However I am so busy over the next few weeks, I may never get there, lol. Just kidding, I will probably make that 100th post tomorrow!

However, over the next 5 weekends, I am booked solid... Which is so exciting because it is all things for my girlies, and they are going to love everything we have going on... And, I am trying to fit more into the weekends and it isn't so easy.

On the flip side... Thanksgiving is over, which means I got to rest up some this weekend, which was awesome!

Tonight at girl scouts we are going to be making stockings for the Christmas Parade Float... Which I am excited about, because I am sure the girls will have fun doing it... Although, it will be messy, which I am not so excited about :) I just know they will have glitter everywhere! I went ahead and premade mine this morning, so it could dry before the meeting tonight (I always premake a craft so the girls can see a completed project). Here is mine:

And even though I have a lot more to talk about (such as jell-o shots!) I just realized I have way to much to do before 2, so I have got to cut this post short and get going. YIKES!

Peace, loves and reeses pieces,
Lissa Lou

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