Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello Blog World

Well hello there blog world... I am Lissa Lou and this is my blog! What is my blog going to be about? A little bit of this and a little bit of that! I am a very random person in general... I don't mean to be, but it is who I am! I have always had ADD, however for me it normal has been a blessing. I have always been great at multi-tasking... Yet, if I really need to focus on something, forget it! I cannot even focus long enough to write a short email... or this blog! In fact I started it twenty mintues ago and this is as far as I have gotten... In between sitting down to type, I have got up to vacuum, fussed at my girls, and went through a small stack of paperwork. So, yea focus is not a strong point for me!

Who else am I? As you know from above, I am a mom! It is the most important thing in my life... I have two girls. Clover who is 4 (and a miracle baby, which I will post more about later), and Willow who is 2. I live for my kids and everything I do (as lame as it sounds) is really for them... I plan everything around them! Hmmm... Are they spoiled? yes! haha

I work full-time (I work 46 hours a week right now), yet I am a full time stay at home mom too (I get to work at home so many hours a week, and my girls get to go to work with me)... Yea, my days are super busy... and by busy, I really mean CRAZY!

What do I love? Besides my family... I love photography, gardens, daisies, The Chicago Bears, VW beetles, dogs, horses, scrapbooking, crafts, cooking, camping, hiking, and so much more! I think tattoos are sexy (yet, I have none...YET), I love to dance in the rain, I love the color green, and I love my friends (yea, my friends are totally awesome!).

What do I hate? PHONES! I don't use them... Can't stand them and wish they would disappear (if it wasn't for 9-1-1 anyways) and everyone had to text or email.

I am starting a new diet Monday... Which is greatly needed! So, I am sure I will be posting about my diet struggles, stats, and all of that boring stuff too.

Oh and I do randomly talk (out loud) to myself... In fact just yesterday I was driving down the road and fussing about getting behind a garbage truck passing it, and then getting behind a moped and 2 people on bicycles... And since I live in a small country town with very narrow curvey roads passing things like this is not easy. Oh I am off topic... Back to the point. I was fussing about all of that and Colver my 4 year old ask me "Mom, who are you talking too?". But no, I am not crazy! Even though I am sure my husband would disagree! :) I am just in need of a little adult convo and normally the only adult around is myself :)

Well, I have way to much to get done for now, so I will post more soon.


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