Friday, June 25, 2010

My Crazy Morning!

Lord help me make it through the day with my make-up stealing, butter eating, bear unstuffing, costume wearing daughters! Yea, that pretty much sums up my MORNING so far... Yes, all of that before noon.

So, its Friday... YAY! I am always excited about Fridays because it means that my husband will be home for two whole days to help me get things done. This weekends to do list is extra long so I am trying to take care of a lot of my normal weeken chores today.

Doing chores with the girls at home is pretty much pointless because no matter how much I clean they are behind me making a mess somewhere else. To is no different. So, what did I mean by make-up stealing, butter eating, bear unstuffing, costume wearing daughters??? Let me go into a little more detail...

While I stripped the beds so I could wash all of our bedding the girls decided to go into my bathroom and take my make-up, sneak back into one of their rooms and make each other pretty... Seeing the freshing make-uped faces done by a 2 & 4 year old... Priceless... Sadly, I didn't get a picture though because I had to start cleaning up make-up right away (they have a light tan colored carpet in their rooms that stains easily).

While I cleaned up the make-up, they decided to go into the kitchen, open the fridge and get out a big tub of butter... They got to spoons and started eating the butter! And of course they had just ate a big breakfast an hour and a half before this!!!

After getting all of that taken care of I sent them off to Willow's room to play while I finished cleaning my bedroom (which with all of the toys, crayons, etc in the floor looked like a child's room!). I could hear them dancing, talking, etc... I was tickled they were playing together since that is such a rare thing in this house. Willow loves Clover but Clover wants to be an only child, so when they actually play and have fun together I am over the moon happy! Then all of a sudden they got super quite... "Oh no", I thought! When they are both quite I am in big trouble. I go to check on them and they are unstuffing a majorly large teddy bear (I did get a photo of this and will post it below). As I caught them they both said together "Look mommy its snowing!" Just maybe they were wishing it would snow since it has been 98-104 degress here all week and we haven't had the chance to go outside and play like normal. But it still makes for a big mess for me to clean up and it will put me way behind on my to do list... Oh yea, I am complaining about being behind as a type this blog! I had to have a break after all of that, right, and I am not even finished... I still have the costume wearing part to talk about...

Lastly, you are probably thinking... costume wearing? Whats the issue with that? Yea, it is totally normal for my 2 & 4 year old daughters to play dress-up and wear costumes... However, Willow decided to be a ladybug and decided since she was dressed as a ladybug she could fly! Yes, my two year old now thinks she has the ability to fly! So, she was going around climbing up and jumping off everything... I had repeatedly told her to stop because she could not fly and would get hurt... Did she listen? No. Did timeout help her listen? No. Did she end up getting hurt? Yes! Not bad, but she did bump her chin over her knee as she jumped off my bed and hit the floor. The pain only lasted a mintue and two mintues later she was climbing and jumping again!

Yikes, these girls are going to be the end of me! And again it is not even noon... What else will today hold for me? Maybe a pie in the face? :)

Here are a few pictures from the morning:

Later gators,
Lissa Lou

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