Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"My naked booty said cuse me"

I found this way to funny to not post about... Today we went out to eat lunch at Chili's because I had errands to run out of town for my Girl Scout Troop. Willow had a cheese pizza kids meal and it left her hands 'dirty' so she went to wipe them on her shirt. I quickly said "our shirts are not napkins, please do not do that" and my husband handed her a napkin... The napkins they had given us were narrow, long white napkins, that looked more like toliet paper than a napkin... And Willow must have agreed, because as soon as Gray (my husband) handed her the napkin she looked at it, and looked at him like he was crazy and said "I wipe the back?" and procedes to wipe her butt (clothed, of course!). I then had to explain to her that they were a difference in napkins and TP... Even if they look the same.

Then this afternoon, the girls were sitting at the bar having their dinner, and I was in their rooms gather their dance clothes and over heard Rosey 'pass gas' and then I heard Clover quickly say "what was that noise Willow?" to which Willow replied "My naked booty said cuse me!".

I love hearing the things kids come up with and say!

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