Saturday, October 2, 2010

Straw, Mummy Pumpkin Pots & Sisters

We decided to decorate the end of my driveway (which is a huge steep hill) with something fallish... So, my girls and I went to Lowes Hardware and bought clay flower pots that we were going to paint like pumpkins... Project fail. I primed the pots before we painted them 'pumpkin orange' but the paint just did not want to stick to the pots at all... I a guessing because I couldn't find a flat orange color, so I had to go with glossy, because the flat black paint we got worked great! Anyways to make the long story short, we just decided to let them be instead of trying to repaint them, and now we are calling them our little 'mummy pumpkins' because the white primer I used is showing where the orange paint peeled off. We put mums in the flower pots and placed them on straw bales. We are going to put pumpkins around the straw too. Here is a photo I took today while working on it...

Day # 2 Photo

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