Sunday, October 3, 2010

Caramel Apples & Monkeys

In honor of our wonderful chilly but nice fall I decided to make one of my favorites... Caramel Apples! I love them. I ruined my saucer pots though making one batch of caramel :( and I put cashews on mine instead of peanuts, because I love cashews! Here is a picture before adding teh cashews... I can't wait to have one after lunch!!!

Day # 3 photo

Oh and while I was at Walmart this morning I saw this little ice pack and fell in love with it... I love cute little monkey items... And what a fun way to make lunch just a little funnier for kids... Plus, it was only $1.48 so I grabbed it up! I am going to put it in Clover's lunch box on Tuesday so she will have a cute little monkey smiling at her when she opened her lunch (she has to pack 90% of the time since she cannot eat most of the school lunches due to her texture issues & her issues with choking so easily).

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