Friday, January 7, 2011

I forgot... I have pages now!

Yesterday I added two pages onto my blog... One is for my new Project 365 post and the other is about my weight loss journey... I decided to do the pages instead of just add post here so it wasn't to repetitive and if you wanted to just see photos, you could easily do so without going through all of my blog post... Or if you just want dieting tips, see my struggles, my success, my workouts, etc you can without all of the other stuff.

On a side note I will keep posting some dieting post here just so my "weight loss page" is not overly lenghty, and packed together with way to much clutter on the page. With that said I wanted to give a few of my dieting thoughts for today.

"Have the courage to act on your dreams - leave behind you the internal forces that hold you back." With my new diet I am leaving behind a huge internal battle and finding my courage to live out my dreams. Dreams that I have wanted to live out for years... maybe in a lifetime but have never been able too... dreams that will complete me... dreams that needed to be lived instead of just dreamed. Are you living your dreams?

~Lissa Lou

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