Friday, January 7, 2011

Totally Bummed

Okay so I apparently lost my camera battery charger some time ago and have yet to find it... Where could it be? I have searched everywhere and it hasn't turned up. I am thinking I may have forgotten it at the beach back in October. This totally bums me out too because my camera battery died a week or two before Christmas and I have been using my little pocket camera for my pictures... Which of course is not as good! :) I must find my charger... MUST!

I also need to go down to my basement and clean it out... It has been a mess now for well over eighteen-months, and it needs to be clean and organized... Whatever I no longer want I will be yard-selling and that profit is going toward either our next vacation or a new camera lens... Not sure which, lol. I guess it will depend on where we decide to go to for vacation this year... It is still in debates and we really should be making a decision soon.

Oh I just realized it is Friday... YAY for Friday! Now if I can make it through today quickly so I can get on with my weekend... Although, it is not like I am actually going to do anything this weekend. Lay around and rest some more. My cheeks are still pretty swollen from having my wisdom teeth extracted.

Well I better get off here... I am going to try and get a few things done for my girl scout troop. So, thats all for now... I know boring post, but I wanted to post something since I spent weeks slacking :)

Peace, love & cupcakes,
Lissa Lou

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