Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rockin' Autism!

If you have been following my blog... Know me... Or just read all of my blog...
You will know that my oldest daughter has Autism with seizures.
And every day I am amazed by just how far my little Clover has came.
She was diagnosed early on because unlike some children with Autism
she did show signs from the day she was born...
She actually showed signs before she was even born!

When she was diagnosed she was considered severally Autistic because
she couldn't do anything that a typical child her age could.
She only wanted to sit in front of a TV that played static or bright cartoons.
She wasn't able to run yet, or walk well... Not alone say 1 word.
At the age of two she could barely eat anything at all (even babyfood)
without choking... At 13 months she was only 15 lbs and
she is still small for her age, and I think it has to do with
her having issues with textures (she doesn't eat a lot)!

But the point of this point is she is Rockin' Autism...
She has came so far and surprised so many people!
When diagnosed I was told not to expect her to talk
until she was 5-7... She just turned 5 in mid-August,
and she can do way more than talk!
She is writing, reading, spelling...
And has her 1st little boyfriend, who she liked to hug her!

She is in a typical classroom this year, and is doing just
as well as the other students and even more advanaced in some areas!
And because of this I do like to say she is rockin' Autism...
Because I hate saying she is beating it... Because she will always have it,
and could have seizures the rest of her life from it.

Oh and on a side notes...
-She has her first boyfriend already?!?!
WHOA I am so not ready for this! And she told me yesterday
"He liked to hug me a lot! All day long. I like him to hug me
a lot! Unless I am doing something really dangerous, like using the stapler"
-She is wanting to sign up for the school basketball team (we are going to let her)
-And she is loving her Acro class this year!!!

Peace, Love & Happiness,
~Lissa Lou

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