Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is it supposed to taste like that?

So I am on a new healthy me kick.... yea, yea, yea, how many times have I said this before? But I mean it this time... I really do! But back to the point here, I decide I was going to make a fat free healthy fruit and yogurt parfait for lunch.
I love fruit and I love yogurt, so mixing them together is just amazingly awesome to me! :) Again must get back to the point. So, I used an all organic Greek plain yogurt and it was bitter... I asked myself "Is it supposed to taste like this?" I have ate the organic vanilla Greek yogurt countless times in the past and it was great, but I ended up tossing it in the trash because it was just funky bitter... And yes, it was in date... I checked 3 times! LOL

So, I had a cup of cherry pie yogurt and 8 wheat thins instead... Oh a bright note I now have a pink lid to send off for breast cancer funding! :)


  1. Hmmm. I have only had the vanilla greek myself so no idea.
    Isnt it supposed to be a high fat yogurt? Thats how it was explained to me, which is why I'm avoiding it.

  2. You know to be honest, I really have no idea. I have never been able to figure out how what breaks down into this or that... But the kind I buy is an all organic kind and the vanilla is super yummy. It says fat-free, with no added sugar, so I thought it would be healthy. I mixed it with fresh apple chunks, blueberries, and low-fat granola (that whole bowl would have only been 205 calories and 3 grams of fat). I have been trying to just count calories lately and not worry about the rest until I hit plateau, and then kick up my game

  3. Yes, greek yogurt is very bitter!

    I just found your blog through a Wednesday Blog Hop! Have a great night.