Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Monday!

First of all HAPPY LABOR DAY everyone! Second of all I am sorry I haven't been totally slacking on blogging lately. Life has hit me full force and once again I have had a little bit of a problem with being able to sit down long enough to gather my thoughts! Now on to my randomness... My husband is always asking me why do I HAVE to go to a store to buy clothes. I tell him "to make sure they fit correctly" he normally replies with something like this "and you don't know what size you wear?" then I will tell him "No, it depends on the item! The same size doesn't mean it will fit the same for that item". And now I am finding that I can't even order my daughter's clothes online anymore because of this. Below is a picture of two pairs of jeans... One on top of the other so you can see just how much bigger one pair is compared to the other. They are the exact same size and from the same compnay. So, why is it that one pair is so much bigger than the other?

Tomorrow will bring on more task for me. My girls go back into ballet, girl scout meetings start up and I am having a root canal in the morning... Oh the joy! Sadly taht basically sums on my Tuesday... Out of town for the root canal (the office is 2 hours away), hurry back to pick Clover up for school, then dinner, then off to ballet, then I will drop the girls off with my husband and rush to an important girl scout leader event... Then I should be get home around 9. Fun stuff I tell you :)

Oh the bright side today we made a choice to pull Clover from Jazz this year. With her being in school so much we were so worried about her having to much on her plate and if she stayed in jazz she would have been at the dance studio for 3 hours every Tuesday (in school from 7:45am til 3:15am then change clothes and go straight to dance and be there from 4 til 7pm). After talking to her and giving her choices we decided doing just one ballet class was the best.

Well I have a mtn of homework and blogging is not going to help me get it done (SADLY), so until next time I am wishing you peace, love and happiness! :)

~Lissa Lou

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