Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am determined to make it down to my craft room sometime today! I really need to move a table down there, plus I want to go through a few things to see if I can find something I lost... Which normally means I probably won't find what I am actually looking for, but I will find other forgotten items! :)

I have officially started on Christmas shopping and Christmas gift making! Which I am excited about. I got to late of a start last year and didn't get all of my shopping done... Although in my defence we have a lot more family members to shop for now!

I am still working on making my house more fallish... Which I am loving! I just adore the fall. All of the pretty colors, sounds, smells, festivals, fairs, etc. Its so much fun!

Friday I am starting a new project, which I am also excited about... It is something else I am determined to do. I have really be slacking on all of the things I love to do because of all of the things I HAVE to do. Who knew being a stay at home mom of 2 young daughters, who also works over 40 hours a week, and goes to college full time wouldn't have any free time?!? LOL. Back to the new project... It should be something that will inspire me a little more, and really just help me get back to something I love to do! So stay tuned to see what I am doing!

Until next time... Peace, love and happiness wishes from,
~Lissa Lou

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  3. I soooooooo miss my craft room! But that's okay, my son moved back home and it's his room now! I too have just started doing a little Christmas shopping, just a coupla gifts here and there, nothing's too soon to really start for me!

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