Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's no secret... I am overly random!

My friends are always telling me that I am one of the most random people they have ever known... and I am sure its true! I don't mean to be so random, but I just have a lot of random things going on in my head at once 24/7.

Earlier today I had a little while of alone time... rare, and very welcome alone time! I spent it running errands, with my radio blasting as I drove around from one place to another. I was randomly talking to myself yet once again at a red light when I looked over and the lady in a mini van beside of me was staring me down! I guess she saw me talking to myself and thought "hey, look at that freak!" I smiled & waved at her and then started signing the song blasting out of my speakers as I danced along until my light turned green.

Even now its after 1 am and my mind won't allow me to sleep... My husband went to bed a few hours ago and I had planned on going to bed with him tonight and did my nightly routine... wash my face, brush my teeth and put my hair up (I hate going to bed with it down b/c it seams to get all in my face and around my neck). I laid down and tried to relax but i just kept thinking about random things and the more I laid there the more I thought... Then I started to think about my little brother and his wife (who I am currently annoyed with, but that is a long story that I might vent about later!) and decided I wasn't going to bed, so I got up and found myself on youtube listening to and watching random music videos. Then I decided I was going to check out a few new blogs... I found a few I love! And after reading through a few blog post, here I am posting :)

I really should go ahead and make tomorrows to do list because I have a feeling I will be up for a while longer and my 7 o'clock wake up call will come a little to early. Which means my already busy Thursday is going to be a little more crazy and I will forget half of the things I need/want to do.

~Lissa Lou

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