Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sundays... A day of rest?

My Sunday's always seam to be insanely busy... I was taught growing up that you should do nothing work related on Sundays, they are reserved for resting, visiting family, etc. I however find that Sundays are one of my busiest days. Saturdays are the busiest, but Sundays are a close second. I always have so many chores, errands, and task to do on Sundays that I never get to rest. Although, I do not mind staying busy!

Oh, on another note, I am really excited about tomorrow! Tomorrow is a start to a new me... Basically "new" me means I am getting back to the "old" me. I want to start working on my hobbies again, and just take a little time for myself... I want to learn how to relax again and stopped being so stressed all of the time! Wish me luck on finding the "new and improved" me!

wow, my summer has went by quickly, and sadly school is just around the bend. Clover will be starting kinder this year (yes, I am sappy when it comes to my girls, and I will cry), and school brings on all of my girls after school actives... Ballet, Jazz, girl scouts, swimming lessons, etc. Which means mommy gets insanely busy!

Well I think I have did enough random rambling for now... Until next time I am wishing you nothing but peace and happiness!

~Lissa Lou

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  1. Good for you on your "new me". Hopefully your health will improve by having it removed. Thank you for following me, I am now following you.