Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh, wow it's Thursday already?

This week is going by quicker than I wanted. I really needed this week to go by slow so I could have a little time to work on my crafts... Yet, I haven't had a single moment to work on them. Partly because starting school this week is keeping me super busy! WOW, what have I gotten myself into?

Oh a bright note, I did get a new laptop Tuesday! Thanks to my awesome husband :) I am loving it... I actually have all of my keys again! WOO~Hoooo!

This afternoon is going to be rather sad for me though. I am going to my oldest daughter's first real 'open house' at school. She will be starting Kinder on Tuesday and we are going to meet her teacher tonight (although we already know her, thankfully) and get the low down on parking, drop-offs, pick-ups, lunch, etc. I am not looking forward to this at all? How is my baby old enough for Kinder? I am tearing up as I think about it. Although, this year is going to be the real test for my sweet little Clover... If she does well we are going to keep her in 'regular' school, but if she doesn't do so well this year then I will be home-schooling her from here on out.

Now back to the crafts! I MUST do a craft today because I need it for something I am doing this weekend. Or at least hopefully working on this weekend. I will update with pictures if I get to finish it up. Wish me luck because today is going to be a super busy one.

Lastly, I realized today I am not drinking as much water as I used too... Heck I should be honest, I am not drinking ANY water lately. Which is sad because for 7 years of my life I drank nothing at all besides water (no milk, no juice, no soda, nothing but water! For SEVEN years!). Now days I am drinking sprite like each can (that I do recycle) is the last can in the world... Which does help with my GERDS and uclers but doesn't help with my diet... So starting tomorrow I say good day to sprite and good morning to water once again... Again I am going to be honest... I will not completely give up sprite just yet. Since I do have the uclers & GERDS and water can cause my GERDS to really flair up, and cause a great deal of pain through out the night, I will still have 1 can of sprite during my dinner but I will not drink any more than that! Once I start losing weight, I will give up that sprite as well.

Until next time love, peace and happiness!
~Lissa Lou

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