Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh yea!

So, I decided to weigh myself this afternoon and I am already down 2 lbs since Tuesdays! I haven't ate any differently this week or had the time to workout, so being down 2 lbs is major!

I am thinking taking my IUD out was a good idea. Tomorrow we will the official starting date for my diet... I didn't eat badly or anything like that this week but I wasn't able to start the diet I wanted too this week so tomorrow is the day! My goal for the week is 4 lbs. I think I can reach that goal... Fingers crossed!

On another note, I am sitting here watching 'Cupcake Wars' and it has got me in the mood to bake! So, I am thinking I will bake up a batch of cupcakes tomorrow. Not sure what kind yet but I can't wait. I love making cupcakes!

Lastly, I am planning on working on a few small crafts this week... My goal is to have all 3 of them fully completed by Saturday morning. Now if I actually get to do them, that will be amazing! School starts back tomorrow (for me) and I am taking a full load this semester (16 weeks).

As I typed that out I just had this thought "Whoa, am I crazy?". Yes, I think I just might be! School is getting really to start back up for Clover and that means 'after-school' actives are to follow... And I will become a taxi driver once again. Both of my girls take dance lessons, Clover takes ballet and jazz and Willow takes ballet. Clover will also be joining the Girl Scouts this year, as a daisy! And I am the Daisy Troop Leader :) Lastly, they are both taking swim lessons this fall.

The thought of taking so many credit hours this semester is a little scary, with me being so busy with my girls, working full-time, and having so many things coming up this fall (vacation, holidays, birthdays, etc). I want to be able to focus on my classwork and make good grades. I really want my Master's and have started back to school countless times over the past 7 years but I always end up dropping out because with everything else I had going on it was just to much. So, I am hoping this is the last time I start back to school. I want to finish this time and not stop until I am finished.

I should be heading for bed since I have to be up at the college in the morning, but lets be honest I am goin to finish 'cupcake wars' before I go. But this is all for now.

~Lissa Lou

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