Wednesday, August 4, 2010

busy, busy, busy... And a little pyromaniac too!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days... I randomly get very busy and cannot find the time to sit down and collect my thoughts long enough to make a post... But I am doing better this time than I have on all of my other post (which I would make a few post, give up and then delete them).

Saturday we had a birthday party for my girls... They enjoyed it but it meant we were gone from daylight to dusk... Then Sunday was a family reunion for my husband's grandfathers side of the family, and then we had errands, chores and more to do. Monday was my crazy have to do this and that day. And yesterday I left home at 8:45am and didn't make it home until after 9:30 last night. Clover and I went out for lunch with my best friend and her daughter (our daughters are the same age) and the girls had a playdate (barbie time) while my best friend and I chatted. After that we visited my grandma (she needed help with a few things), then went by to see my brother, his wife and my nephews, and then we went to my inlaws for dinner, then went shopping with my mother-in-law, then back to their house, where my husband was now at (he works late days), he ate and then we came home.

So, yea, that would sum up my busy, busy, busy last few days... Now on to my little pyromaniac! So, today I discovered that my little Clover is more like me than I my heart can handle... LOL! I was doing the dishes and could smell something burning... It smelt like plastic burning! So, I take off running back to the girls rooms and find both of them in Clover's room. Willow was in the floor playing and Clover was staying at her nightstand saying "I play with fire". I go over to see what she was doing and she was putting little foam pieces (from a stuffed animal) onto her lamp, and they were catching on fire! I asked her why she would do that and she said "I liked to play with the fire mommy"... We talked about how that was very dangerous and I don't think she will do it again... But at the same time, that kid is just like me!!! I used to burn everything I could when I was young. I even have two scars from my little fires.

Yea, I am thinking my husband is going to have his hands full when our girls get into their teenage years! Good luck honey :)

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