Friday, August 20, 2010

My First Love!

My first love was learned well before I had a boyfriend or even knew what love was. My first love was something I still love to this very day... And no I am not talking about my love for food/eating, Halloween, horror movies, apple juice, lemons, or the color green... Even though I have loved all of those things since I was a very young child and still love each of them to this day!

I am however talking about my love for photography! Sadly, I haven't taken photos in a very long time. I always thought, I would have babies and photography would take over my life because I would be doing nothing but taking pictures of my children... This was not the case at all... In fact I have very few pictures of my daughters, and this saddens me greatly!

Why, would someone who loves photography so not have millions of awesome pictures of her children? I started off taking pictures like a crazy woman when Clover was born but quickly realized she hated my camera/having her picture made. Now we realize it is because of the Autism but at the time we didn't know why. So, when she was a few months old I just stoped taking pictures besides on the 'big' days (birthdays, holidays, etc).

I do love photography though, even if I am not any good at it, and miss taking photos. So, tomorrow I might just get out and take pictures all day. If I capture any moments in time worth sharing I will post them :)


  1. You should totally get back into it! It doesn't have to be pictures of the kids...but I have found it does wonders for me as a mom to have something I'm passionate about besides my family!

  2. Thank you so much Nina! I am finding that a little 'me time' really is needed even if I thought it wasn't and felt guilty for needing it. and I am going to start focusing my me time on my photography again! thanks again for your words of encouragement