Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Manic Monday!

I know most of the world deems Mondays as "UGH" days but I don't really mind them... Its the middle of the week that gets to me. On Monday I am coming off my 'weekend high' and Friday's I am ready for the week and excited its almost here... But the middle of the week, forget it! So, lets get on to the randomness of my day...

Today was a little more manicish than most... Which made the day fly by. This morning I weighed in... I am down 2.5 lbs from last Monday! YAY! This is very exciting since I didn't diet or workout last week like I should have. Today I rocked my diet however and am pretty sure I can stick to my current diet because I bought all of the foods I needed at the grocery store this weekend.

I had to go by the college to pay my tuition and buy my books... Which was insane! The lines alone was enough to drive me batty but the cost was a little shocking... I wasn't expecting to spend that much.

After seeing my books, and getting my first assignments I have to admit, I might just be in over my head! YIKES my already busy life just got kicked into overdrive. These books will be consuming my life for the next 16 weeks:

Since I am back in school once again the time came for me to get another laptop... My old one has surely saw better days and after getting attacked by 4 children 4 and under it hasn't worked well in at least a year... It was literally falling apart and every time I used it I would get error messages. But as you can see from the pictures below half of my keys were missing, half of the screen was no longer connected to the base. It was just a mess! And this is actually my back up laptop! You should see my main one that I can no longer use at all and had to turn to my back-up a few months ago. Anywho... I am not sure when I will be getting one though because I will need to fit it into our budget and with the fall coming up our budget is tight (dance tuition/fees, vacation, school, etc) until after Christmas.

Well that is all for now...

~Lissa Lou


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