Friday, July 30, 2010

My new love...

Let me start off by saying I am not an earring person at all... I have had my ears pierced since I was 2 weeks old but have never worn earrings. I have super sensitive ears and my ears would always turn red and start hurting shortly after putting earrings in (within a few hours). I couldn't even wear gold, but I cannot wear gold rings either. Then as the older I got the more choices for earrings they had that guaranteed that they would not cause a reaction... I would try them here and there but never liked wearing them because they felt too heavy and sometimes it felt as if they were 'ripping' my ears because of the weight of them, especially hoops!

Yet, how cute are hoop earrings? They can go with any outfit too! I have always wanted to wear them, but was never able too until now... Yep, my new love is a pair of hoop earrings made by I just got them yesterday afternoon (around 7:30pm) and put them in as soon as I opened them! They were so cute, and even better so insanely light! I even forgot I had them on last night, and fell asleep with them in, which never happens!

I highly recommend checking these earrings out if you are looking for a cute pair of light weight hoops! ( Oh, and if you do happen to check the site out, please look at the Ear Coils... They are so neat! I love them too (yep, I have those too). They are super easy to put in but look amazing in your ears! They are such a fun design, and they are a great price for a pair of earrings! Plus, the artist at Sliver Shed Studio is really nice, and gets your order out in such a timely manner! I couldn't be happier with this purchase! Thank you Casey from Sliver Shed Studio!

Here is a not so great picture of my awesome new earrings (its really hard to take a picture of your own ears... Which i didn't know until a Little while ago!)! And on a side note... I have earrings in!!! Woo hoo, one step to be a little more girly (see my post from yesterday).

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