Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clover my girly girl

I am up late once again and decided before I head to bed I am going to make a blog post... Tonight's post is about Clover my girly girl. Let's be honest, I am so not a girly girl... I rare fix my hair, never do my nails, and if you see me with make-up its because I am going to a wedding or something important! But my little Clover is such a girly girl, which I love dearly, because I would love to be more girly but never have the time to do the girly things!

After I got my girls out of the bath tonight I put Clover's PJ's on her first and then she disappeared as I was get Willow ready for bed... I went to find her so I could brush her hair, and finish up our nightly routine and this is what I found... I should point out that I wasn't surprised she was doing this, I was surprised she was able to get the nail polish opened! I still cannot believe she did it... I have trouble opening them sometimes!

Until next time... good night!
~Lissa Lou

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