Monday, July 5, 2010

You can only ever be you!

So many people spend their time wishing for things out of their reach, or wishing they were someone else... But in reality you can only ever be you!

If you want something in life bad enough you will find a way to get it. If you want to change then change, if you want to try something then try it, if you you want to live, then live fully!

In today's world so many people take the simple way out. Life is not about simple. Life is about living! My new moto is "NO EXCUSES!". From today forward I am not going to make excuses... I am just going to do things! And I think I already started living this way just a bit a few days ago when I decided to go red... I had been blonde my whole entire life and never thought about dying my hair but always loved red hair, after hearing my sweet little Clover ask me to "get red hair like Jessie"... I just did it... I could have had made a hundred excuses but I didn't... I just did it. It felt great because it was a crazy thing for me to do... Yet, it wasn't all that crazy (women dye their hair daily in America... but not me!).

So many people are unhappy and find any and everything they can to use as an excuse... But not me ever again. I am just going to focus on living and not wasting my time wishing my life away...

Which also brings me to my big goal... LOSING MY WEIGHT! I really need to get my weight down to do the things I want out of life... So, starting today no excuses... I am just going to do what I need too so I can live! Wish me luck. I do not fair well at diets... Obviously, or I would not need to lose weight!

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