Thursday, July 8, 2010

My day of freedom!

So yesterday was a day of freedom for me... Clover was supposed to be in surgery yesterday morning but due to her seizures they have decided it would be best if the waited until she is of 'better health' to do the surgery.

This was such a huge relief for me, because I was super nervous about her going through another surgery. However, I had already lined up a sitter for Willow, my mother-in-law who wanted to go ahead and watch both girls yesterday so I could get a few things done around the house... I had planned on painting Willow's bedroom, but my slacker butt did not get around too it... Instead I decided to watch "Remember Me".

The movie was good... A total chick-flick for sure which is something I rarely watch... After all I am a horror movie junkie! The one thing I really liked about 'Remember Me' is the ending... It was totally out of no where so you couldn't figure the movie out. Which is always a major plus in my book since I normally figure movies out a few mins into them.

I have to say I enjoyed the time off.... It was super nice to just do nothing! However I will be making up for that today... And today is going to be a super crazy hetic busy day.

Well that is all for now... Maybe I will do something super fun today and post abot it later... heck I doubt that will happen since my day is to busy!

~Lissa Lou

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