Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I must stop staying up late!

I am not a person who is big on sleep in general... After all I feel it is taking away your life. If you stayed up an hour extra every night that is 7 hours every week that you could be doing something awesome with! I just happen to stay up a few hours late every night... Meaning I go to bed around 2am and wake up around 7am (sometimes... okay a lot of times earlier than that!).

Nights just happen to be my weakness when it comes to eating... I want to snack at night... And tonight I caved and had chips... Way to many chips! After I rocked my diet yesterday and today, I caved over greasy not so great chips? What is wrong with me?!?! I will not fall off track the rest of this week.... I will not!

I want to get to my goal weight so insanely bad right not it is not funny, yet I am so so so so so far away from it that it seams impossible... But I must get there!

~Lissa Lou

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