Saturday, July 10, 2010

What does it mean to have 2 little girls?

Having two little girls means lots of PINK, crazy fashion styles, never slowing down, lots of attitude, tons of shoes and dresses, and at least a million hair-bows.

Today we started working on Willow's big girls room. Which means lots of painting for me, taking out her toddler bed and putting in a big girls bed, new decor, etc. I will post before & after pictures once we are finished.

Also today both of my girls decided they wanted their ears pierced and after side-tracking Clover about it for a few months now I finally caved and let her get her done first, once Willow saw Clover's ears she had to have earrings too so we took her and got hers done as well. I decided not to get their ears pierced as babies and had always said once they were old enough to ask me to have their pierced and actually wanted to wear earrings, then I would let them. Clover started asking a few months ago but I kept putting it off because I just wasn't ready and wasn't sure how she would react... But after 3 days of her asking me all day, I decided she was ready and really wanted it done. I dropped Willow off at my grandma's house and we sat out to have Clover's ears pierced... She didn't fully understand what would happen and she HATED the noise the ear piercing gun made but a few mins after her ears were done she was in love with her new Minnie Mouse earrings (I let her pick out what earrings she wanted, and she decided on a pair of gold Minnie Mouse ones). We got her a little surprise for being such a big girl and then we went to pick up Willow. Willow noticed Clover's ears right away and started asking for her own earrings... And I said what the heck, and we took Willow and let her pick out a pair of earrings too. She also decided to go with the gold Minnie Mouse ones. And she is also in love with her new earrings and so very proud of them!

Here are pictures of my girls with their new earrings and one of Clover's ear piercing outfit (yes, she HAD to wear this outfit to town to get her ears pierced)! I still can't believe they are getting so big on me!

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