Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dance your butt off!

I have never been into exercise, exerise... I loved to run in high school, but wasn't allowed to join the track team because of my heart defects... But I have always loved to dance! Dance is an awesome exercise too, so I can't complain! I only wish my high school had a dance team when I was there (they got one 2 years after I left!). So, I am just going to dance... Non stop! I will dance when I wash dishes, I will dance in the shower, I will dance sweeping the floors... I will dance my butt off! :)

Speaking of Dance my girls have their dance classes on Tuesday and here is a photo of them getting ready to head out the door (it was raining today so they were in rainboots).

My 25 Days of Thanksgiving Day # 16:
I am thankful for knowing what love is! I think they are many people out there they do not know what real love is... They have visions in their head and they seek out what they think is love and rush into things without being in love, and do not realize this until it is to late. I am thankful I found love early in life, and was blessed to know how it feels to love and be loved.

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