Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Projects

I finally got around to doing two of my three Thanksgiving projects... My girls made their turkey centerpieces this weekend and I made my banner to hang up. I still have a sewing project to go before Thursday but I do not feel it will take more than an hour or two to complete so I am not to worried about getting it finished.

I am however worried that my buffet will not be complete by Wednesday night! My buffet is an older buffet that my dad made... It was given to me as a child (I think when I was in the 8th grade), so I have had it for many years... But have never used it! It was in my grandma's basement for years and ended up with some water damage, but I just could not bare to trash it, so I decided I would restore it! Long story short... Restoring furniture is a lot of work! We have been sanding on it for a few weeks now (off and on in our spare time), and as of right now (a little past 6 pm on Sunday afternoon) it still needs a little sanding... Then I can start the premiering, painting and staining! All of which must be completed by Wed! On top of that I am working 24 hours over the next two days, so getting everything fit in, just might be impossible!

Here is a picture of the turkeys my monkeys made :) I spent less than $8 on the supplies to make these and have a ton of stuff left over for another project. The Turkey's heads started off white but the girls painted them so much they ended up black! My girls don't see paint that often these days, since the little bedroom carpet incident, so they get carried away when they get to paint.

Here are the girls working on their turkeys... Over look the mess, I set up a little area in our basement b/c I was working on the buffet too... And we have not cleaned up the fall leaves on that end yet (2 HUGE oak trees, and a wooded area make for a long clean up, so we keep putting it off):

And the banner I made (with my girls help... They colored!):

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