Thursday, November 11, 2010

I heart Freebies! (freebie links)

I love freebies! I am always taking samples when offered, not because I am cheap... which I am, lol, but because they are super handy! Most come in small little packets that you can throw in a drawer for those just in case times (you run out of something and don't want or can't make the trip to the store), or you can use them in a first aid kit, or even throw them in the dash of your car! Plus, it is always fun to get something in the mail that isn't asking for your money! :)

Like this free sample for Prilosec OTC heartburn relief. This would be great to throw in a drawer, in your car or in a first aid kit! And it is totally free! Again I love free things :) I spend way to much money on have to have things so when I can get something I need for free, it always makes me happy!

And this is a free vinyl bag... Which would be perfect for using to make a first aid kit, giving to the kids to store toys in or for small craft things (which is what I would probably do with it).

And do you ever really have enough towels? I don't! They randomly seem to disappear or I end up using them for "cleaning towels". If you are like me, then here is a freebie for you! Towel Freebie!

Oh and another good thing about samples is they really are great for "try before you buy"! Because I did order the following sample earlier this year and I thought it was gross... But most healthy things are (to me) so you might love Emergen-C even though I didn't. I was super excited when I saw it at the store and nearly bought a full box but didn't that week and then saw the sample and was super tickled for it to come in the mail so I could try it... After all the flavors sounded GREAT! But I got it, mixed it up and was like... OMGOSH, I cannot drink this. Which means if I had bought the full box then I would have wasted money... that could have been used somewhere else. But again just because I didn't like it doesn't mean you won't, so give it a try! :)

As some of you might know, I am a Girl Scout Leader so I have more than one First Aid bag (one for home and one for scouting), so you will notice I like first-aid bag stuff :) The next sample is normally not found in a first-aid kit, but I think it is an awesome thing to have in one! Especially if you have kids that play sports! Or just a kid like me who had random nosebleeds all of the time. What is it you might be asking... It is by Nasal-cease to stop nosebleeds

I am always surprised to see calendars in a store for $10-$20 when you can get them for free at a ton of places... Like Pillsbury! :) And who wouldn't want a cute Pillsbury calender for their kitchen? I love calendars and need them! I fill them up with all of my crazy appointments!

I know this is only a few freebies, but I promise I will post more later! :)

Peace, Love & kissy faces,
~Lissa Lou

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