Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh where can I find time?

I cannot find the time to make it to the gym and I am really bummed about it. I said I was going yesterday and I meant it! Then yesterday I spent all day going through boxes, totes, etc. that was in my basement to get out the things we no longer need or use and put them into my yardsale pile, so we can have a yardsale this Saturday. For one I just really needed this stuff out of my basement and for two extra money is always good... Whatever money we make from this yardsale is going to the side and I will be spending it on 'Black Friday' I am sure (hoping for good sales!)

Then I worked all day today... Until 7:35 tonight. and tomorrow is Friday (if you know me, you will know Fridays are my crazy day). And I need to go to the gym! I need to burn calories! I need to make my heart stronger! I need to lose weight, healthily! So many needs and no time to reach them. Which of course stresses me out, and stress is a big issue since stress is a huge trigger for my ED issues. so, it is a never ending cycle of my overly busy life getting in the way of making me healthy again.

My 25 Days of Thanksgiving Day # 4:
I am thankful for my awesome grandma! She is always there for me and a wonderful role-model. Thank you grandma! I love you.

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