Sunday, November 7, 2010

living in the moment!

I realized something today... I don't want to get older and I freak out about the thought of getting old... Yet I find myself wishing my days away. Hoping the week passes faster just so I can get to the weekend (mostly because my weekdays are so stressful/busy!). Or wishing away a month to get to vacation quickier. But, wishing away all of this time is really only making me older! So, my new goal is to stop wishing time away from me! To start living in the moment... Each and every moment! I do have to point out I am super excited for Thanksgiving though! So, if I can make it past Thanksgiving without wishing any time away, I will be doing well.

My 25 days of Thanksgiving, Day # 7:
I am thankful for my nephews (I have 2)! They are a big part of my life and I love those boys to death! They make me smile and my girls adore their cousins!

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