Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vodka, Friends, Turkeys, and more!

First let me start off by saying... I am not a drinker! I can't drink. The combination of ulcers and the fact that I have never drank (other than socially back in the day) means a shot or two would put me on my bum. However, I just came across this really cool idea for vodka and I have to say, I want to try it! What cool idea is making me want to take up drinking? Skittles Vodka! I have to admit, I am really wanting to try this out with my friends... Will I? Highly doubtful. After all I am a nerd.

But speaking of friends brings me to My 25 days of Thanksgiving, Day # 6 thought:
I am thankful for my friends! I have insanely crazy, fun, got your back through thick and thin friends, who I love dearly! And I am thankful for having them in my life!

Now on to the turkey part of my thoughts... I need to find 4" honeycomb turkeys! I was going through the massive amount of totes in my basement earlier and found four 4" turkey table decorations with little tags sticking out from them and I decided... Hey, I can use these for Thanksgiving! The only problem is I bought them years ago (heck, I have no idea when) at Big Lots (and I haven't been there in at least 5 years) for only 79 cents though. I need at least 26 more of them, and have no idea if I can find them. Here is a picture of one of the ones I have:

I am wanting to have enough of these little turkeys for everyone that will be attending our Thanksgiving dinner. The only thing is Big Lots is well over an hour away and I would hate to make the trip and not be able to find them.

I had a small yardsale this morning (mostly just clothes the girls have outgrown) and made $72! Which is going into my savings jar for Black Friday sales (I think I already said this... which shows how fried my brain is).

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