Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Only 8 days!

Only 8 more days until Thanksgiving and I am so not ready! I still need to get my buffet sanded down (finished sanding it down anyways) and painted, I need to finish my crafts, and clean! And I won't be getting anything done tomorrow or Friday!

Oh and on an exciting note, I will find out in 6 more days if I am having a niece or nephew! I can't wait to find out. I am hoping for a niece since I do have 2 nephews and this baby will be my last niece or nephew (although you never know, they could be more, but at this point I am told no, they will not be more!!!).

I am too tired and with this headache I can't really think of anything good right now... Yep, I am making another boring post! But I did want to post something along with my 26 Days of Thanksgiving thought. I think I am going to go prep a craft right now, for me and the girls to work on after school tomorrow... So, if I can get it finished look for a crafty post tomorrow :)

My 25 Days of Thanksgiving Day # 17:
I am thankful for science! Without it we would not have many of the things we have and need to survive. Heat, power (okay we don't need power, but dang it is nice!), medicines, medical advances,etc.

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